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*** Best For: New projects, those on a budget, simple websites, landing or other key pages. ***

Unless your business has already invested extensive time and attention into UX, your website may not be serving your business goals and customers as well as it could be. Common problems for marketing sites, SaaS apps, and e-commerce stores abound, and include:

• Low conversions
• Failure to convert customers from free to paid
• Low signups
• Tons of traffic, but few sales
• Abandoned shopping carts and sales funnels

While not a panacea for all of your website's woes, UX Audits provide actionable insights based on best practices, hard data, and goal-focused design thinking. Used effectively, a UX audit can pave the way for your team to develop hypotheses about why your users act in a certain way, and how to turn these hypotheses into concrete improvements.

The deliverables and other details are outlined below, under 'Getting Started."

Getting started

This package is straight to the punch. I'll focus on your top one or two challenges for your SaaS app, marketing website, or store. Whatever has been hampering your business...from poorly performing funnels to poor sales on key products, we'll address it here. After gathering background information on your business, goals, and customers, I'll spend time analyzing your site and getting to the root of your problems. After thorough analysis, I'll outline solutions to your top challenges as well as resources and next steps.

I’ll talk you through the problems I’ve discovered and my suggestions for eliminating them in your choice of either:

• A screencast video (10-15 min.)
• A written report with screenshots

This package works best if you've given thought as to your key challenges, as well as compiled some documentation related to them. If you have analytics, records of customer support calls, or other data you can share...great! If not, we'll work around it.